How to register your login details....

  • You will be able to login only if you have registered a username and password for login access (see steps below - note: you only need to do these steps once).

  • It's easy to do. Just click the 'create an account' link at the bottom of the left-side column.

  • Then fill-in your name, username and email on the form that comes up - make sure to memorize these details, or record them and keep securely (when you register, you will be sent an email with your login details). If you do misplace or forget either your password or your username, just click on the appropriate links at the bottom of the login form - and follow the prompts to be emailed your login details. (Please note: we are not able to access your password, so kindly do not contact us to ask us for it! However, if you forget both your username and password, we can reset your account, so you can re-register from scratch.)

  • Once you have completed setting up your login details (above step), you will be sent an email asking you to confirm your account with us. Make sure you click on the link in this email (or your account will not be activated).

  • You will then be able to login using the login form on the left.