Philatelic information

  •  Australian Philatelic Society

    "The Australian Philatelic Society is based in Melbourne, Australia. We have members from around the world dedicated to the research, study, publication and display of all aspects of philately and postal history, both of Australia and its States, and worldwide. The Society strives to provide the best possible environment for the encouragement and promotion of philately. It is forward-looking and dynamic, aiming to be the premier society in Australasia, bringing new members, and all collecting interests together for the good of philately." (source: APS website - July 2012)

  •  Australian Philatelic Traders Association

    APTA's aim is to promote its membership and activities, and to provide stamp collectors with educational articles and useful information about philately. We invite philatelists to access our list of members for the nearest stamp dealer, and through their specialties, to assist your collecting needs. In addition, the APTA website provides the latest details about forthcoming philatelic auctions and a Calendar of Events, Shows and Fairs, and much more (source: APTA website).

  •  Philatelic Traders' Society (UK)

    Welcome. The PTS website is intended for use by both philatelic traders and collectors alike. If you intend to find a dealer who covers your subject area, or you wish to find out about becoming a PTS member you have arrived at the right place. Our reputation for honesty, integrity and professionalism spans the globe, and the PTS shield is instantly recognised by collectors (source: PTSUK website).

  •  Stanley Gibbons

    The home of stamp collecting since 1856.